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Department of Audiology

The Department of Audiology at Dr Noushad’s ENT Hospital and Research Centre provides comprehensive diagnostic and rehabilitative services for people with hearing loss and hearing related issues. Audiologists are experts in providing services in prevention, diagnosis, and evidenced-based treatment of hearing and balance disorders for people of all ages.

NENT SPARC provides a full-fledged setup for comprehensive diagnostic evaluation for various peripheral and central pathologies which includes PTA ,Immittance Audiometry,OAE,BERA,Other Evoked potentials( MLR,LLR,ECochG,VEMP)etc. It has well equipped setup for hearing aid trial, fitting, follow up programming and services. NENT-SPARC has a well-known and highly experienced cochlear implant unit which deals right from newborn hearing screening through detailed candidacy evaluations, intra-opmeasurements, post-op audiological management to mainstreaming them with intensive and appropriate therapeutic intervention.

A multidisciplinary team including renowned ENT Surgeons, Audiologists, Speech language pathologists and Psychologists provides a holistic approach to the treatment procedures. The state of the art instrumentation and a lead of expertise in both diagnostic and (re)habilitative services forms the core of all the departmental procedures.


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