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Success Stories

Our son, Master Ayush had undergone a Cochlear Implant Surgery two years back. After the surgery, he is very well responding to the sounds and speaks out well. Even though some words don't come out properly, he tries his best to convey the idea. This was not at all the case before! After 6 months of this surgery has started saying the basic word of love, "Amma" followed by the word "Achan". Now he calls everyone in the family and know them by name, which is a great moment of joy for us. Ayush has started making correct sentences putting together two or three words. It was really hard for us to believe when we came to know that he could not hear anything when he was one and a half years old. After long research and sound discussions, we decided to do a Cochlear Implant Surgery to Ayush at the age of 2.5years. Today we cannot be happier for our 4.5-year-old Ayush is happily attending a good play school with normal kids and have stepped into the world of sound and knowledge.

-"Ayush S Thayyil"

My granddaughter, 2.5years old Evania was a deaf girl by birth. My daughter and her husband who are deaf and dumb, still encounter a lot of issues when interacting with the society. We never wanted Evaniya to grow up in a similar situation. We wanted her to be cured at the earliest. Though her father was initially against the suggested Cochlear Implant Surgery, he had immense joy to see Evaniya responding to all the sounds and repeating whatever is told to her. He even immediately decided to do this operation to my grandson Emil as well. Cochlear Implant Surgery is really wonderful and has to be popularized more. It has brought in immense joy to our lives to see our grandchildren growing up like normal kids, laughing, shouting and crying in response!! My sincere prayers to Him and strongly feel every parent of the needed kids have to opt for the surgery and take them to the world of sounds and music!


My son Eden, two years and 8 months old had his right ear small without the hole and was deaf by birth. Left ear looked normal, but was not functioning as well. We started speech therapy once he turned three months. He was very adamant and was hardly interested in anything these days. The symptoms of deafness came stronger and stronger as he grew up. Finally, we decided to to a Cochlear Implant Surgery to his left ear when he was eleven months. This brought about a lot of good changes like his response to sounds. Though his right ear is small and cannot hear with it, this is not an issue anymore, due to the cochlear implant surgery performed for the left ear. We smile from the heart when he responds to sounds around.

-"Eden Ginse"